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Nozzle Segment

Nozzle Segment

Turbine Nozzle Segment

We are offering Nozzle Segment for Turbine which are used in its maintenance, for ensuring its peak performance all the time. The Turbine Nozzle Segment can be offered in configurations on the basis of existing drawings or reverse engineered from existing sample. The nozzle segment for turbine has accurate dimension and is resistance to rust. It is made using superalloy and caters to the problem of restricted access to the part for processing. This is also known as a transfer tool that is used to hold the part on one specific side. Some of its other benefits are lower scrap rate, simple automation, less cost of tool and improved quality. The Nozzle Segment is one of the important spare / part / component Steam and Gas Turbines for power generation and industries like turbo generators, gear boxes, pumps, governing systems, high speed centrifugal compressors and others.